Puzzler VR


Puzzler VR is a project built as part of the Udacity VR Mobile 360 Developer Nanodegree Program. The game is created using the Unity game engine environment to teach the basics of virtual reality development and project life cycle. The game concept is similar to the classic Simon memory game where the player must repeat an ordered sequence that is shown to them. 


To teach new virtual reality developers the importance of particular design considerations that require special attention in VR, namely scale, motion, text readability, and user testing.

The Process

Concept Sketches

UI Sketches

The User

Scene Construction

User Testing

Project Breakdown

The game begins at the entrance to a dimly lit dungeon. The player is presented with a menu with a button to start the game.

After the player presses the start, they are moved into the into the dungeon room as the eerie music intensifies.

The player is shown five orbs in front of them which begin to light up in sequence that must be remembered. The player must click the orbs to repeat the sequence. If they make a mistake, the game repeats the sequence. Once the correct sequence has been entered, a celebratory chime is heard and the player moves out the back door of the dungeon.

The successful player is congratulated and presented with a menu button to play again.